Weekly Health Quiz: Mitochondria, EMFs and Saunas

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1 Which of the following has been identified as the greatest predictor of heart disease?

  • High cholesterol
  • High triglycerides
  • Low magnesium

    A lack of magnesium will impede your cellular metabolic function and deteriorate mitochondrial function, and magnesium deficiency has been identified as the greatest predictor of heart disease. Learn more.

  • Low selenium

2 The Maryland Board of Physicians were recently ordered to pay $2.5 million in damages for:

  • Harassing Dr. Mark Geier and publishing his and his family’s personal medical information online as an act of vengeance and intimidation

    Montgomery County Circuit Court ordered Maryland Board of Physicians to pay Dr. Mark Geier $2.5 million in damages for harassment; half of the damages must be paid out of pocket by the board’s appointees. Learn more.

  • Wrongfully suspending and then revoking Dr. Mark Geier’s medical license
  • Wrongfully firing Dr. Daniel Neides for questioning the safety of vaccines
  • Harassing bloggers who provide nutritional advice

3 What is the primary health hazard associated with chronic and excessive exposure to cellphone radiation and other electromagnetic frequencies?

  • Brain cancer
  • Heart, prostate, liver and pancreatic tumors
  • Cellular and mitochondrial damage

    The primary hazard of cellphone radiation is systemic cellular and mitochondrial damage, which threatens health in general and can contribute to any number of health problems and chronic diseases. Learn more.

  • Low body weight

4 Which of the following have been shown to have a significant impact on your risk for Alzheimer’s disease?

  • Lack of higher education
  • Genetic predisposition; the APoE4 and TOMM40 genes
  • Insulin resistance

    Having one or two ApoE4 genes raise your lifetime risk for Alzheimer’s between 30 and 50 percent respectively. Meanwhile, research suggests high-carb diets can increase your risk of dementia by 89 percent, while high-fat diets lower it by 44 percent. Learn more.

  • Blood pressure levels

5 Sauna use is associated with a reduced risk of death from any cause. How often do you need to use the sauna in order to reap maximum benefits?

  • Once a week
  • More than twice a week
  • Three or less times a week
  • The more the better

    The frequency of sauna use, and length of time spent in the sauna, correlates with a lowered risk for lethal cardiovascular events. Sauna use is also associated with a reduced risk of death from any cause, and the more you use the sauna, the better. Learn more.

6 Ancient wisdom assures us we are part divine. According to modern science, mankind is:

  • An accidental occurrence
  • The result of random mutations
  • A mechanistic biological object
  • Interconnected and interdependent with nature and the stars

    Modern science tells us we’re not only interdependent with nature here on planet Earth, but we’re also interdependent with Universe as a whole. Quantum mechanics also tells us that there’s no way of breaking this unity. Learn more.

7 Which of the following strategies are the most effective for minimizing formation of damaging free radicals at the mitochondrial level?

  • Eating late at night
  • Grounding
  • Exercise and high-carb diets
  • Exercise and calorie restriction (fasting)

    Free radicals formed at the level of the mitochondria are extremely harmful, which is why you need to minimize them. Two of the most effective ways to do this is exercise and calorie restriction (fasting). Learn more.

Source:: Mercola Health Articles