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If you’ve had a long night at
work or you’re simply craving a calming and enjoyable morning beverage, I’d bet
that the first thing that pops into your head is to go to the coffee shop
around the corner for a cup of coffee. Many of you reading this probably depend
on your local café because you think you lack the expertise to make your own
pick-me-up – but it’s really not as difficult as you think!

Switch up your routine and try
making your own energy-boosting morning beverage. Not only will you be able to
save a whole lot of money, you’ll also avoid the sugar-filled drinks that
coffee shops usually throw your way. Try this delicious and nutrient-packed moringa
latte recipe from Paleohacks:


1 1/2 cups
full-fat coconut milk

1 teaspoon moringa

1 teaspoon raw honey


1. Combine
moringa powder and honey in the bottom of a mug.

2. Using
a milk frother or a small saucepan, steam coconut milk until bubbles form. Pour
into mug and stir gently to combine.

Why Is Moringa Called a Superfood, and Does It
Deserve the Title?

Moringa has been deemed a
superfood because it’s jam-packed with nutritional components. Ever since
researchers have started studying the health benefits and antioxidant components
of this herb, it’s been incorporated in various dishes, beverages and even
desserts to boost their nutrient levels.

Moringa contains multitudes of
vitamins and minerals, in higher amounts than other common foods that also have
these nutrients. For example, one serving of moringa contains four times the
calcium found in milk, 36 times the magnesium in an egg, 25 times the iron in
spinach and 50 times the vitamin B2 in sardines.[i]

But aside from these impressive nutrients,
moringa functions as an anti-asthmatic, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and
antimicrobial as well. Other health benefits include:

you from liver damage.
Moringa contains high amounts of antioxidants and polyphenols,
which protect the liver from oxidative stress and damage. It has also been
observed to restore liver enzymes to their normal levels.[ii]

as a diuretic.
Diuretics assist in detoxifying the body by getting rid of
excess water.[iii] Because
of its ability to flush out salt from the body, Moringa has the ability to
regulate your blood pressure.[iv]

Aids in diabetes
Moringa contains high levels of oleic acid, which helps in normalizing
glucose levels in the blood. In addition, oleic acid helps the pancreas bridge
the lack in insulin.[v]

anti-cancer components.
Due to the niaziminin in moringa, this plant can
aid in cancer prevention because of its anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties[DRFS1] .

Coconut Milk Can Be Used as an Alternative to
Raw Cow’s Milk

The use of non-dairy milk
substitutes is one of the most talked about issues in the health community.
This is because some people suffer from health conditions that keep them from
enjoying raw cow’s milk. One of the substitutes available in the market is
coconut milk, the extract made from mature coconut meat.

Coconut milk is a product that is
widely known in both the Philippines and Thailand, where it’s a staple
ingredient in local delicacies, curries and rice cakes[DRFS2] . Some of the health benefits you can get
from coconut milk include:

high amounts of healthy fat.
The medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) in
coconut milk is a type of healthy fat that is easier to metabolize. MCFAs are not
stored as body fat and is instead turned into energy[DRFS3] .

protect against oxidative damage.
Rich in antioxidants, coconut milk can assist
you in dealing with free radicals, which can lead to cancer, cardiovascular
diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.[vi]

Eases digestive
This milk alternative has been observed to help with poor
absorption and digestion. It is also said to assist in sealing the lining of
the digestive tract in people with leaky gut.[vii]

However, when compared to raw cow’s milk, coconut
milk still contains a much lower percentage of nutritional components. It also has
a higher caloric content, containing about 467 calories per serving, compared
to raw cow’s milk that contains only 146 calories.[viii]
But if you’re lactose intolerant or suffer from protein allergies, coconut milk
would be a good, tasty and healthy alternative.

Don’t Touch That Refined Sugar – Make the Switch
to Raw Honey

Most beverages available served
in restaurants and cafes are filled with refined sugars or artificial
sweeteners. Aside from spiking your blood sugar levels, the consumption of
refined sugar heightens your risk of developing chronic lifestyle disease
because of its inflammatory characteristic. Artificial sweeteners have also
been linked to the development of leukemia, lymphoma and other forms of cancer.

This is why you should opt for
natural sweeteners, and raw honey remains to be one of the best ones available
in the market[DRFS4] . Throughout history, it has been used as a
treatment for various health conditions and injuries. Some of the health
benefits of raw honey are[DRFS5] :

Helps in
alleviating cough.
According to the World Health Organization (WHO), [ECF6] raw honey functions as a demulcent.[ix]
A demulcent provides relief from coughing by forming a protective film in the
throat to prevent irritation.

Aids in
wound healing.
Raw honey is antibacterial and antifungal, which makes it a
good natural remedy for wounds and burns.

allergic reactions.
The consumption of raw honey from local producers helps
in minimizing your allergic reactions by introducing small amounts of pollen
spores to your body. This can help your immune system build up immunity to
allergic reactions over time.

While raw honey is nutritious,
make sure that you only consume moderate amounts because it still contains sugar,
which can be potentially dangerous in high amounts. Excessive fructose
consumption can have a detrimental effect on your insulin sensitivity and promotes
insulin resistance. It should also be noted that you should use high-quality
raw honey, and avoid consuming its highly processed counterpart[DRFS7] [ECF8] .

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